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Hello, I'm Hannah


Hi, I’m Hannah, the face behind Cake & Thistle. Whether I’m doing the school run or delivering a wedding cake, I love every bit of it!

Cake & Thistle has been creating beautiful cakes for over seven years. What started in a tiny kitchen has grown into my very own cake studio. I’m passionate about weddings and even made my own wedding cake!

Every cake is handcrafted with love and attention to detail. From dream wedding cakes to must-have birthday cakes, I bring your visions to life.

My husband and I have four beautiful children, making our home lively and full of love—an ingredient in every cake I bake.

I began my career as a Haven entertainer, and my passion for creating memorable experiences led me to focus on weddings. Cake & Thistle combines my creativity and love for weddings, crafting cakes that are both unique and stunning.

So, let’s create the best cake you’ve ever had!

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