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Wedding cakes will be delivered to your venue on the date of your wedding unless previously discussed that an alternative day would be suitable.

Most will be delivered AM but there are occasions where a PM delivery may be more suitable e.g weather/distance, in the very rare event that there is substantial traffic or route change we will arrive a the venue as soon as physically possible. Any day reporting 25 degrees or above will be discussed with the bride and groom or venue to create the least risk scenario for your wedding cake.

Once the cake has been stacked/styled we will leave your wedding cake sitting pretty at your venue and make the venue staff aware of our departure, this is the point where we are no longer responsible for any eventualities.

Please be aware there will be dowels supporting your cake these are blue and pink so very obvious for your venue and there may be other components that will need removing before consumption, your venue will be aware of this before we leave.

Wedding cakes are secured with a £100 non-refundable deposit, this deposit may be moveable or used for another product should this be needed. Final payments will need to be made the 1st of the month before your wedding date i.e. if your wedding is 13.07.23 your final payment day will be 01.06.23. This is where your design discussed with us in final and no other changes can be made, Please be aware with inflation booking your wedding cake 2 years in advance may result in a price increase closer to your wedding date, this isn’t always the case but is dependent on price rises or product changes, at this point you will be contacted to discuss your options moving forward.

Any late payments may incur a late payment charge of £25 per week or in extreme circumstances be cancelled immediately holding your deposit. This will then be discussed with you to create a solution.

Cake & Thistle uses a kitchen where soy, eggs, gluten, dairy, nuts and other allergens may be present. By securing your deposit you are responsible for notifying your guests of this, Cake & Thistle takes no responsibility for allergies or complications due to consuming products.

Refunds will be given (minus the £100 deposit) in exceptional circumstances. We as Cake & Thistle reserve the right for this to be at our discretion, no wedding cakes cancelled 1 month before delivery will receive any refunds.

If you are collecting an order from me, the cake care guide should be used as follows, 

When you collect your cake  make sure you carry the box from the bottom only. Never carry the box from the top or the sides as this will damage your cake.


Make sure your cake is level at all times, during transport refrigeration and display. When you place your cake in your car make sure it is well air conditioned, we recommend popping it in an empty boot, in a footwell or on a passengers knee as this is the safest way to keep your cake level. Leave you cake until the very last minute to take out of the fridge before travelling as this will help with longer journeys.


If you are eating your cake on the same day you may leave it in a cool place out of direct sunlight at all times, if you have collected your cake anymore than 12 hours before consumption please pop it in a refrigerator until the morning your going to eat the cake. If the weather is particularly warm we would suggest only taking It out of the fridge 30 minutes before consumption.


Remove all non-edible decorations before cutting, slice your cake from front to back in one downward motion this will enable you to get the most out of your cake in finger portions, its also a much less messy way too.


Were confident your cake will be eaten very quickly but, If you’re lucky enough to have cake left you can wrap your cake in clingfilm and pop it in the fridge for up to 72 hours after initial cutting.


Love and Cake,


Cake and Thistle x

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