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wedding cake artist


Cake Lady. Mum. Hannah. Whatever I may get called, I am the face of it all. From doing the school run to arriving in style with a wedding cake in tow, it's all part of the fun and I love it!

Cake &Thistle has been established for over 7 years and wow what a 7 years it has been! Starting out in just a tiny kitchen, to where I am now, in my very own cake studio where all your beautiful creations are made. I love weddings and all that goes with that, I even designed and made my own wedding cake, talk about pressure.

Everything that I make is lovingly hand crafted with detail to make all your cake dreams come true. Whether it’s the wedding cake you’ve been dreaming of since the age of 12 or a birthday cake you just absolutely have to have, we can make it a reality. I love to create and I’m always bursting with ideas.

If you follow my social media you’ll know I have a pretty full home. My husband and I have created 4 beautiful babes (although if were counting children my husband is definitely included in that category!) I love the chaos of a full house and all the love we have in our home that goes with it, it’s what makes your cakes taste that extra bit sweet.

Believe it or not I started out my working career as a Haven entertainer! So the “Show” has always been in my nature, after living in the real world and learning what really makes life full I decided to hone in on what I’m really passionate about, Weddings.

All of it, it's all absolutely mesmerising. From the moment you say YES to the moment you say I DO! I wanted to be a part of that, so using my creative background and my passion for weddings I created “Cake&Thistle”. Cakes that turn even the spikiest florals into something utterly beautiful, I love to take something with understated beauty and make it stunning, because its all about being unique, being you. Lets be honest most of us would rank Cake right up there on the MOST IMPORTANT parts of the wedding! Its one of the first things your guests see and is on display for you all day!


So lets get together and make this cake the best you’ve ever had!

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